Reverse osmosis RO water treatment plant

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US $3,000-100,000 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets Sample of RO system is avaialbe (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Pukui Reverse Osmosis System
Model Number:
Reverse Osmosis System
Sand/carbon vessel:
FRP/Stainless steel
RO module:
RO vessel:
FRP/Stainless steel
Desalination Rate:
Over 97%
Recovery Rate:
Water source:
Underground water/surface water
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
20 Set/Sets per Month
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wooden case
Jiangmen Gaosha port
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20 days after confrim

  Reverse osmosis RO water treatment plant

Reverse osmosis water purification plant for drinking/mineral water. Our plant could make drinking water, mineral water, pure water and potable water from the water sources: ground, spring, well, river, borehole, brackish, sea water and etc.


Capactiy: 1000LPH to 100,000LPH


Please advise your water analysis report , Product water quality standard and capacity, we will provide proposal to you immediately.

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1. The RO water treatment plant  process

Raw water→ Raw water tank → Raw water booster pump→ Mechanical filter (Quartz sand filter)→Activated carbon filter →Precise filter →High-pressure pump →Reverse Osmosis Assembly→ Pure water tank


2. The main struction of the plant

1). Quartz sand filter .

2)Activated carbon filter

3). High pressure pump

4).RO Membrane assembly

5). Disinfection

Please find more information of each parts:


Quartz sand filter

    The raw water is purified simple by the filter.  The filter mainly removes the suspend matter, colloid and other big impurity. If pressure dispersion of the water entering and water out exceeds 10Psi(0.7kg/cm2)or the water out SDI>5, the filter need to be back flushed.  Commonly, the filter should be back flushed once before operation every day and also be back flushed with gas once a week.


Activated carbon filter

    The active carbon is made of wood, coal, fruit shell (stone) and other carbonaceous material through the method of chemical activation or physical activation.  It has a great deal of micro-holes and huge surface, so it has very strong physical adsorption capability to adsorb the organic infecting of the water.  The filter mainly removes the organic substance, chlorine, odor, chromo and etc to make the left chlorine ≤0.1mg/l.  So as protect the RO membrane from damage by the chlorine. The active carbon should be replaced every 12 to 15 months according to the content of the chlorine mostly. Commonly, the filter should be back flushed every week.



High pressure pump

    The pump supplies the pressure needed to push water through the membrane, even as the membrane rejects the passage of salt through it. Typical pressures for range from 225 to 375 psi (1.6 to 2.6 MPa). In the case of seawater, they range from 800 to 1,180 psi (6 to 8 MPa).


Membrane assembly

    The RO device removes the hydronium, organic substance, colloid, bacteria and other impurity by the method of membrane.  And the water can be desalted and purified. The theory is as follows. The treated water and the untreated water are separated by the membrane; the treated water osmoses to the untreated water. There is osmotic pressure between the two. If the pressure is added to the untreated water and the pressure of the untreated water is bigger than the osmotic pressure, the water of the untreated water osmoses to the opposite position of the water. This applies the reverse osmosis to the desalted water. That is to say the untreated water is purified into the pure water through the RO membrane under adequate pressure. The left water which can not osmosis through the membrane contains a lot of solute and suspended substance, and it will be drained out as waste water.

    The water must be pretreated before entering into the RO system, or it will bring damage to the RO membrane.

The RO system not only can be used for desalination, but also for filtering the organic substance and bacteria.

    The production of water is monitored by the liquid crystal display conductivity meter.

    The RO system needs be cleaned timely, including the stainless steel pump, filter, disinfectant tank, valve and other components.

Commonly, the RO system should work once every day.  If it does not work in one week, it must be protected by some measures, or the service life of the membrane will be serious affected.


    Post-treatment consists of stabilizing the water and preparing for distribution. Desalination processes are very effective barriers to pathogenic organisms, however disinfection is used to ensure a "safe" water supply. Disinfection (sometimes called germicidal or bactericidal) is employed to kill any bacteria protozoa and virus that have bypassed the desalination process into the product water. Disinfection may be by means of , using UV lamps directly on the product, or by chlorination or chloramination (chlorine and ammonia). In many countries either chlorination or chloramination is used to provide a "residual" disinfection agent in the water supply system to protect against infection of the water supply by contamination entering the system.



3. Advantage.

1). Water Treatment Plant based on the customer's raw water and output water quality.

2). Reliable vendors like DOW, HYDRANAUTICS, GRUNDFOS and etc.

3). We have professional technician to design the plant.

4). Good after-sales service and technical support

How to maintain the reverse osmosis system:

1, After producing water in each shift, should be flushing the reverse osmosis membrane for 20 minutes.

 2, With the running time increasing, the membrane surface will be attached to the sediment, 

affecting the permeate flux, the RO membrane must be clean regularly., 

Adopting targeted treatment based on pollution condition.

3, High-pressure pump should be inspected and maintained regularly, timely replace the lubricating oil by equipment specifications requirement.

4, The conductivity meter and the pressure gauge should be checked and inspected regularly, make it at normal, accurate work.